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Bethlehem Post Office

U. S. Post Office
Delaware Avenue, Delmar
Listed 1988

The Delmar Post Office, constructed in 1939-40, is architecturally significant as an intact representative example of the federal architecture erected as part of the public works projects initiated by the United States government during the Great Depression of the 1930s. Its simplified design illustrates forms and decoration derived from American Colonial and Federal period architecture... the use of a standard pattern for this building reflects the increasing simplicity of design and standardization of form which are characteristic of post office of this period, the most prolific period of post office construction in the nation’s history… in addition to the architectural importance of the Delmar Post office, the building contains an artistically significant and well-preserved mural painted in 1940.

The Delmar Post Office is one of thirteen virtually identical New York State post offices authorized beginning in 1931 and designed by Supervising Architect of the Treasury Louis A. Simon…. The Delmar Post Office is a simple, but well-proportioned and finely detailed building designed in the Colonial Revival style… The Delmar Post Office and its twelve cousins have particularly fine entrances with fluted Doric columns and blind fanlights, into each of which is set an American eagle.

(The above is paraphrased from the building’s National Register nomination form.)

Town Historian Susan Leath has written up the Delmar Post Office in her blog. Click for a whole series of photos documenting the construction of the Delmar Post Office and then click here to check out this post from 2014 that includes information about the mural in the lobby